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We've combined a new kind of experience that blends the highest level of drug testing utilizing technology.

Meet our Founder

Founder (Prerit “Pete” Patel) is the Owner who dreamed about Lab Testing Solutions while sitting on the board of many awareness associations. The boards educate society about substance abuse and its effects on society. Pete identified gaps in the legal industry and decided to serve the legal industry empowering attorneys, probation offices, and public employees to utilize Lab Testing Solutions drug testing technology for more efficacy in their cases. In fact, a majority of the time the technology is offered for free to these industries being likened by Pete as “the Amazon for drug testing.”

Our History

Lab Testing Solutions began in 2008 as a local drug testing company servicing families and individuals to help combat substance abuse growth. Over the years, referrals spawned from individuals to businesses as concerned family members turned out to be business owners who wanted to screen their employees. In 2011, LTS spread across the country with access to 9,000 + facilities via online SaaS systems. In 2013, the company spawned to a full-blown HR company (HR Testing Solutions) to also provide background checking and other employer related services. During that evolution, LTS partnered with payroll companies and other resources, but stuck its roots of providing a technology that is efficient and maintaining the purposes of drug testing.


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We specialize in Professional Employment Drug Testing, Federal DOT Drug Testing, 5 Panel Drug Testing, Probation Drug Tests and DNA Paternity Testing.

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