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We are the Nations most Reliable Pre Employment Drug Testing Service.

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We offer Employee Background Check Services, 5 Panel Urine Tests, 10 Panel Drug Test, Federal DOT Tests, Instant Paternity Tests,
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We offer a Nationwide Drug Testing Service that provides a full suite of both pre employment and regular employee testing services for Corporates. Whether you're a SMB or a Multi City Corporate we can manage your requirements.


Just got a job offer and have been asked to show up for a pre employment drug test? Not sure if you're test would be clean. Why not get tested privately before you do the official test for your work? We offer private nationwide drug testing.


Need testing for legal purposes? Whether it’s Probation Drug Testing, DUI Drug testing, or even DNA Paternity Testing, we have legal compliant testing services to meet all the requirements of Courts at both State and Federal level.

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We offer Nationwide Testing at over 9000+ Professional Labs.

We specialize in Professional Employment Drug Testing, Federal DOT Drug Testing, 5 Panel Drug Testing, Probation Drug Tests and DNA Paternity Testing.

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