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  • One of the first collection site partners of FormFox and Quest Diagnostics.

  • One of the first digital partners of LabCorp

  • Digital Software at no cost

  • As trained collectors, we know the digital process AND the hands-on.

  • Catered for blue collar and turnover reduction.

  • No Covid Test Kits EVER sold

  • Federally-approved services at your fingertips

  • AI integrations with all major data sources.

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"We catalyze business digitization by leveraging free Microsoft and Google tools, ensuring foster parents and legal professionals access top-notch technology for accurate testing without costs."

Since 2011

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"Our direct-to-consumer lab tests, guided by major labs and AI insights, guarantee precise results for informed health decisions."

AI Empowerment, Not Replacement

"We integrate AI to complement, not replace, human expertise, enhancing diagnostics and personalizing health insights in our direct-to-consumer model."

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