Background Check on Dating Partner

Should you do a Background Check on your Dating Partner


Background Check on your Dating Partner


A Background Check on your dating partner who seems stable in every facet of life?. Your relationship is going great so why doubt ? However, this is where most pathological liars and scammers gain your trust and invade your security.

The person you’re dating now might be the one who you’re going to spend your whole life with and has the potential to raise children with you.

So, are you going to risk your whole future by putting your life in the hands of your dating partner solely based on trust? Or are you going to run a background check on them and look after your own safety?

If you’re in a conundrum whether to initiate a background check on your dating partner, the following tips might help you decide.


What are Background Checks exactly?

A background check can be conducted when a person or a company needs to identify an individual is indeed what they claim to be. A background check can reveal someone’s employment history, criminal record, education, and crucial information about their past.

Employment background checks, on the other hand, are typically done in order to find out if the potential employee is a threat or a liability to the workplace or the employer. Most employers run employment background checks on the hires, and they typically dig up records from the past 7 years. However, this can be varied in different states.

Employment background checks can be conducted with the candidate’s name, date of birth, current or past address, Social Security number (SSN), along with their consent.  


Different types of Background Checks

  1. Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks are conducted to ensure an individual doesn’t pose any threat to customers or the work environment because of prior criminal activity.

Some states use different criminal background checks including name-based check, employment background check, or a national fingerprint-based check.

  1. Sexual Offender Registry Check

These background checks rule out if someone had committed sexual offenses in the past to mitigate future crimes especially around minors, schools, daycare centers, etc.

  1. Drug Screening

Drug screening is a process done to confirm whether alcohol or illegal drugs are present in an individual’s system. These are especially demanded by industries such as driving or aviation with permission. Such tests ensure the individual can be trusted, unimpaired, and healthy.

  1. Driving Record

A driving record history can pull out information on someone’s driving history including traffic accidents, driving record points, current driver’s license status, DUI’s in the public record, traffic law violations, convictions, and fines, etc.

  1. Prior Employment Verification

This type of employment background check can validate one’s work history, past job stability, integrity, and loyalty to an employer in order to confirm their eligibility to work at a company. This background check can reveal data such as Job start and end dates, Salary, Reason for termination or leaving the company, etc.

  1. Professional License & Certificate Confirmation

Many people tend to doctor their accomplishments on resumes and job applications.

These background checks verify whether a person has correct professional credentials.

  1. Education Verification

With an education Verification check, one’s education level that is otherwise faked can be authenticated.

  1. Credit Background Check

These types of background checks are conducted to verify a candidate’s credit history to confirm whether they are fiscally responsible, predominantly for finance-related positions in a company.

  1. Reference Check

Reference Checks are done to acquire information on one’s ability to work in an office environment.

  1. Social Media & Internet Check

Viewing Social media accounts of an individual can provide both verified and unverified information since many people make fake social media accounts.

  1. Social Security Number Trace

A Social Security Number Trace can identify if a person provides their actual personal information because many lie about their identity to gain advantages in employment, etc.  


Are background checks accurate?

Imagine you have conducted the best background check for dating and received a clean record. This doesn’t mean that this individual hasn’t committed any crime. The reason is no database or source can paint a whole picture of someone’s history.

For example, if you run a criminal history check for your partner in one location, you might not get any baffling data because they might have committed crimes elsewhere.

However, typically most crimes are committed close to where an individual lives or works. Therefore, using their address, you can probably dig up more info than you expect.  

Pros and cons of background checks

Pros of background checks

  1. These background checks can ensure your safety because you’ll steer clear from criminals, sex offenders, or drug users.
  1. A background check done on your long-distance dating partner can reveal if they are catfishing or in fact real people. These people might have fake social media accounts to lure you into scams and even pose a threat to your life.
  1. You can use one of the best background checks for dating and find out hidden details such as DUI, and drug charges. Or even a series of tax liens and employment issues that might prevent you from purchasing a home together.
  1. Before you’re getting married, you’ll know if you’re getting into a trap because some people are excellent at disguising themselves to get what they want.
  1. If you have kids, you need to protect them from sexual predators and these checks can provide you some level of protection.

Cons of background checks

  1. If your partner realizes that you have done such a check, they might get offended and question your faith which might hurt your relationship.
  1. If you’re not conducting a DIY background check online, a standard background check will cost ranging from $10 to $300 depending on the level of details you need. This might be too much for some.
  1. The background checking company can make mistakes in verifying the bureau records. Sometimes, bureau data can be incorrect, names, birthdays can be miss-typed, similar names can be jumbled, etc. and inaccurate data will be produced.
  1. Some crimes may have been committed in the past when the person was a minor. These people might have become responsible since then and perhaps don’t deserve the judgment.

You can do a DIY background check on your dating partner starting with google, following social media, or even subscribing to a website to have one of the best background checks for dating including