A paternity test is actually a type of DNA testing which is used to determine that if a man is the biological father of a child or not. However, this test may need the samples from both the father as well as a child where the father is not always required for the determination process of paternity.

However, there are many other methods of paternity testing which can be used very effectively for imputing paternity including DNA test of grandparents, Avuncular Test i.e. Aunt or Uncle’s DNA tests, Sibling Test, in case the father is not present for the test.

Prenatal Paternity testing can also be performed between a possible father and the unborn child considering that test does not bring any kind of risk to the fetus. This simply means that at lab testing solutions, we don’t have any age limit for the tests.

We can work on DNA testing by collecting samples from children, adults and even newborn babies. However, if there is any case where the father of the child is deceased, it can still be worked to test collecting the specimen in a professional manner by conducting a legal paternity test.

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