Do you Need Drug Testing Services for your Legal proceedings?


You’ve come to the right place. We serve clients, their lawyers, judges, officers, prosecuting attorneys and many legal departments who, like you, want more reliable methods of drug testing.  Lab Testing Solutions has pioneered a method for urine, hair, and blood drug testing that empowers the legal industry with better access to drug testing results and tracking with reliable methods that can be used more confidently.


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Drug tests and background checks for Lawyers and their Clients

You can approach your lawyer to help you with the test you should order. In most cases, courts will specify about the testing you need for alcohol or drugs.  It is best to contact the requesting party of what “panels” you need and the type of drug test – urine, hair, or blood.

At Lab Testing Solutions, we work on requests for court-ordered drug and alcohol screening. Our drug testing specialists can help very carefully ensuring precise results helping you with vaible drug or alcohol test results.  Our company handles testing for the DOT and other federal entities, employers from office all the way to the DOD, and, of course, legal matters. Results are always SAMHSA-certified and through our preferred lab partners at Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.

Donors can rest easy knowing they are in compliance using our online technology in the event there are under time constraints.  With almost 10,000 collection sites, the convenience and cost alone are a value anybody will want to support.

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