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During the evolution of Lab Testing Solutions, we developed a division called HR Testing Solutions. My goal is to help you reduce the pain points of screening so you can save time and money! Something your executives will love - money!

Prerit (Pete) Patel

CEO & Founder


See the video above!

Run Driving Record Check

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Create or open a record.
  3. Go to the Services Ordered section.
  4. Select the icon highlighted in red below (white piece of paper with green plus).

5. Enter the State.

6. Enter License Number.

7. Enter Term.

8. Select Validate Format.

5. Select Save.

  If you are ordering an MVR for the states of Pennsylvania or Washington, please ensure you upload the release form of that state to the profile. (Only required for PA or WA)MVR for Manual States (PA, WA): can take up to 2 weeks

When copying the password, highlight everything properly and make sure no extra spaces are copied before or after as shown here:


Upload a Document

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Click on the Profile OR if already in the Profile
  3. Click on the “Profile Documents” link at the top where it shows applicant Name and SSN area:

4. On the next screen, select “Upload New Document”.

5. Select Browse to upload a document.

6. Enter a Description.

7. Select Check box to Copy To All Orders.

8. Select Submit.

If the document is not uploading, check for the following:

  1. The file must be named properly. It must be saved as “firstnamelastname.pdf”. If there are any extra spaces or special characters, the system will not be able to read the file.
  2. The file is less than 1MB. The system cannot upload large files, so it is recommended to have it below 1MB before uploading.

Need Authorization Form

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Open the Profile for the person that needs the form.
  3. In the Services Ordered section, view the drug test
  4. On the line for that drug test, look for the Yellow folder(red arrow pointing to it).
    When hovering the mouse over the icon, it states: “Documents for Order XXX”

5. Click on the yellow folder to display the Documents related to that order:


6. Click the red arrow under Activities. This will allow for download of the Authorization Form.


Using the Dashboard

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Focus on the display reflecting the overall status of current profiles. This is an interactive map.

3. This is an interactive map to show the categories:



In ProgressOrange


4. After clicking on a Status, an addition chart will display to the right with more detail on the current state. Listing Profile items such as All, Status Detail, Service Alerts, In Review, Flagged, Having Documentation, Highlighted.  This provides helpful information when creating reports.

5. Addition information is listed: Profiles Flagged and Turnaround time in the last 90 days. Volume in the last 12 months.

Extending an Expired Drug Tests for a Profile

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Go to the profile with the drug test you want to extend
  3. Click the green plus sign next to the order you want to extend

4. Choose the location for the new test (it can be the same location as the last test).

5. Check to see that the information on the next page is correct and click next.

6. Choose the original reason for the test and click next.

7. Ensure that the information is correct and click Continue.

8. Once you have completed the test, email us at so we may remove the expired test for you.

Sending an Applicant Request

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. In the drop down menu, select Create -> An Applicant Request

3. Fill in the needed information in the fields marked with red.

4. Select the service you wish for the applicant to order.

5. Click send.

The applicant will be sent an email to fill in the rest of their information and select a testing location


How to Print Results

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Go to View => All Completed Profiles

3. Find the name of the person, select the printer icon (in the red box)

4. A new window will display the report.

5. Select the Print or Download icon in the top right.  This will vary based on your PDF Viewer.


See the video above!


Please email or call us to check if your office has an account with us. We work with several legal/probation offices all across the nation, so you can order directly from their own page, and results will automatically be forwarded to their office.

If they do not have an account, please contact us with their information, and we track/route your results to their office for you.

Please have your attorney or probation officer contact us in order to extend your test.


If your probation officer requires a level report for your test, please contact us and provide the email of your probation officer. We can submit a request and the report will be sent directly to them.


If you’re unable to go to the location you selected during the ordering process, not to worry! As long as the laboratory on your initial order remain the same, you can go to any other location within their network, without having to change your form.

To find LabCorp locations click here

To find Quest Diagnostics locations click here

If you are required to have your drug test observed, you must contact the collection site to find out about any observation fees. If you prefer same gender collectors, you MUST call the collection site in advanced. Not all sites will have this option.



See the video above!

If you are unable to proceed to the next step during the ordering process, please make sure of the following:
All text fields MUST turn green in order to click “Next”. 
If you enter a space either before or after the text, the box will remain RED as shown below.

Ensure you are only entering the text. Only then will the box highlight GREEN

Click the login link:


1. Enter the information from the email into the fields

2. Click the login button.

3. You will be taken to a page where you can download your results as a PDF.

4. Alternatively, you can send the results email to whomever the results must be reported to and they can download them directly from us.

Basic Troubleshooting

Make sure the information entered is correct
Switch to a different browser
Check your internet connection


If you would like to extend a personal drug test, please contact us so we may update your order.


If you’re unable to go to the location you selected during the ordering process, not to worry! As long as the laboratory on your initial order remain the same, you can go to any other location within their network, without having to change your form.

To find LabCorp locations click here

To find Quest Diagnostics locations click here

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