Nationwide Drug Testing Service for Business offers alcohol and drug testing service for business. We provide employee drug testing services for human resource management. Our cutting edge technology ensures employers get the best pricing alongside an easy-to-use platform for managing results and contact information.

Sign up through our easy-to-schedule online portal and pick a drug testing facility near you. We have more than 20,000 partnerships so that you and your employees will have option nearby in every major city and state in the United States. Then, our collection facilities manage the screening process and within days you and your employees have the results. And it all starts through our easy-to-schedule online portal.


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Why Drug Testing Services for Business?

Employee Retention and Workplace Safety

Drug Usage distracts from the task at hand. Great Employees want to work in environments where they feel a healthy tension to be their best. Research demonstrates that drug usage is linked to lower productivity and–by extension–the loss of great employees who won’t put up with coworkers who may have substance abuse issues. In short, drug use leads to employee turnover and this can be mitigated by drug testing.

Savings for Employers

Identifying substance issues before they are brought into the workplace saves employers money. Why? Because employees who use in the workplace are more likely to hurt themselves accidentally or file compensation claims. Substance abuse is also linked to theft, tardiness, missed work days, injuries, and corresponding increases in health care costs. These ongoing costs make it easy to invest in pre-employment drug screening and can save a business hundreds-of-thousands of dollars long term.

Keep your business free of unnecessary red tape. When you have a drug testing policy and corresponding program at work, you protect your employers, managers and clients and promote a safe work environment.

Is Employee Drug Testing Required?

Yes, In many instances employee drug testing is a requirement for employers.

For example:

Department of Transportation (DOT) Testing: When a company has employees conducting federally-regulated and safety-sensitive work, it is required to follow DOT drug testing guidelines. Professions like truck drivers, bus drivers, boat captains and pilots may face screening for marijuana and alcohol. And medical marijuana users are not exempt from federal DOT regulations.