Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions
Why do I need a drug test?

There can be many reasons to take a drug test: pre-employment, random test required from your employer, personal or legal needs.

How long does it take to get results?
Where can I take the test?
I was told to take a test, what test do I need?
Why do I have to go online?
What are they looking for on a National background check?
How far back does a driving record go?
What data is included on the Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)?
I have an issue with my results, what do I do?
How can I get the results?
Do I need an appointment?
What do I need to bring when I come for the testing?
Why should I use Lab Testing Solutions?
Can I take a test today?
Can I order the test online?
What is the difference between a 5 panel and 10 panel drug test?
What if I can’t provide enough urine at the test?
Are my results confidential?
Can I pay at the site?
Legal Questions
My lawyer wants to get a drug test for my custody case. Do I select legal?

Yes, when the circumstances around the reason for the drug test are for legal matters excluding probation, select Legal when asked for the reason for your test.

Which test should I select on your website?
What website do I go to in order to order a test for probation?
My drug test needs to be observed, how do I request that?
Why should I select legal testing?
Where can I go take my test?
I’m travelling and can’t take a test near my home. What do I do?
I have probation testing needs and don’t see my probation officer. How can I help get them into your system?
I need to take monthly drug tests/I have been asked to take a random test. Can I order them from your site?
Employer Questions
My company has DOT requirements. Do you offer DOT complaint testing?

Yes! We offer DOT regulated testing and offer testing at over 9,000+ testing locations. If you are testing drivers, a location can be found anywhere, anytime! They don’t have to wait until they get back home to do their screening.

Can I have multiple users access the system to create and manage drug tests?
I’m interested in having my company use your solution, what should I expect?
Can I have my potential employees pay for their screenings?
What kind of drug tests and background checks do you provide?
I have to test employees located across the country.