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New Jersey Drug Testing Service by Lab Testing Solutions for personal reasons, business employment and human resource services, as well as legal documentation and court proceedings. Our process is private, convenient and efficient, providing results in as little as three days, and we have many locations available for testing in New Jersey.

How Our NJ Drug Testing Process Works:




Drug screening is needed for different reasons and we provide services including:

How can I get a drug test today?

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How can I get a drug test today?

We also offer DNA paternity testing and you can learn how to get a paternity test in New Jersey here.


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More About Employers Drug Testing Programs

New Jersey Employers often have existent drug testing programs and are required by law to have a written drug free workplace policy, including medical exceptions. If you have questions about your employer’s drug policy make sure to ask HR for documentation. Most policies address provisions (or lack thereof) for drug testing, any employee assistance programs (or lack thereof), and provide employee (and management) resources about drug and alcohol abuse.

It is illegal to cheat on a drug test or substitute another test specimen in place of your own. Employers may randomly administer drug testing programs as legal precedent in some court cases have elevated work safety and compliance above your individual privacy. Again, consult your company’s policy to educate yourself and address any concerns with your employer directly.

Drug Testing at our New Jersey clinics:

In New Jersey, Lab Testing Solutions offers drug testing and employment screening services. Employers, courts, attorneys, and private individuals can select from a wide variety of drug panel tests.

Learn about our Hair Follicle Drug Tests

See a full list of our Urine Drug Testing services, including:

Choose from our Alcohol Testing options, including breathalyzer, EtG alcohol testing, and PEth blood alcohol

About our Court Ordered Drug Testing

Learn about DOT Requirements and our DOT drug and alcohol testing programs and services, such as:

Lab Testing Solutions offers our Business partners portal access for Employers to manage their drug free workplace program, including any of the following: portal is the ideal tool to help New Jersey businesses maintain a drug free workplace.

About Lab Testing Solutions New Jersey Drug Testing Facilities:

Lab Testing Solutions began in New Jersey many years ago and our drug testing facility locations (100+) have completed thousands of local drug screenings for our business clients and individual clients.

The Legal Framework for Marijuana Usage in New Jersey

New Jersey is no different from most of the 50 states, and its marijuana laws are evolving. However, marijuana use is still illegal in New Jersey, except when permitted by medical authorization. In fact, New Jersey arrested almost 35,000 people for illegal marijuana use in one year–more than any other state in the nation. As the state with the nation’s largest population density (1,030 people per square mile), Jersey Shore has a population of 1.3 million and growing. From, 2017-2019, several statewide propositions for the legalization of pot were unsuccessful, which would have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and the famous “NJ Weedman,” otherwise known as Ed Forchion, has been advocating for decriminalization of cannabis since the early 1990s. As the debate over legalization continues, New Jersey employers stance on work place intoxication has not changed and Lab Testing Solutions offers a full slate of 5 Panel Drug Tests, Hair Follicle Drug Test and THC drug testing panels for pre-employment and workforce drug testing programs.

Business from New Jersey to Manhattan, New York

Hackensack, New Jersey has long been a commuter’s paradise into Manhattan for excursions to the Big Apple. Widely known for its Jersey Shore, New Jersey is no less a center for culture, business, and trade–as its brother Manhattan. In fact, New Jersey has the highest percent urban population in the U.S. with about 90% of living in urban New Jersey cities; and that’s impressive considering New Jersey is the only state where all its counties are classified as metropolitan areas. The George Washington Bridge connects Fort Lee, New Jersey to Manhattan in New York City, and its name memorializes the first President of the United States George Washington, as well as connecting commuters to their homes and businesses. There has been a vast economic expansion in New Jersey over the years and New Jersey is called the diner capital of the world because of its many diners.

Life and Cost of Living Concerns in New Jersey

Life in New Jersey has a range of living spaces from city to suburbs and the median COL is $1100/month or about $275 above the national average. Taxes are extremely high–one of the highest nationwide–and you can gauge your out-of-pocket New Jersey living expenses with this calculator. If you go to Jersey Shore, expect beautiful boardwalks, arcades (think Tom Hanks playing Zoltar in the movie BIG), amusement parks and water parks, where thousands vacation during the summer. Locals refer to North Jersey as “Benny” and South Jersey as “Shoobie” but don’t worry Lab Testing Solutions has Benny and Shoobie locations, as well as Manhattan locations, so you’ll have a drug testing facility near you wherever you are in Jersey Shore, Manhattan or anywhere in New Jersey.

Drug screening is needed for different reasons and we provide services including:

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