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Why is effective services Performed?

The 5 Steps to a Drug Free Workplace are essential to any business. Here you’ll find the five steps to a drug free working environment and you’ll be able to order your Criminal Background Checks, DOT Drug Tests, Driving Record Checks, 5 Panel Urine Tests, 10 Panel Urine Plus Alcohol and more with LabTestingSolutions.com.

Sign up through our easy-to-schedule online portal and pick a drug testing facility near you. We have more than 20,000 partnerships so that you and your employees will have option nearby in every major city and state in the United States. Then, our collection facilities manage the screening process and within days you and your employees have the results. And it all starts through our easy-to-schedule online portal.

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Most Common Paternity & DNA Drug Tests

Lab Testing Solutions partners with the best of the best. Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, and Alere have been pioneers in the drug testing industry (as well as clinical or medical diagnostics testing). Employer can enjoy peace of mind that the results are court-approved.

We believe in a complete digital process. It ensure tracking and accountability. It also thoroughly increases efficiency. You can order yourself or send your applicant a custom link.
Lab Testing Solutions embraces SAMHSA-certified methods only using LCMS and GCMS confirmation. That means every metabolite is checked.
Prices range as little as low as $35 up to $99 depending on the need. Upfront fees and nor surprises charges EVER.
Each site works independtly, during the ordering process you will have access to 10,000 convenient locations.
Employee only needs to bring their identification and an email or digital authorization number. No need to print or mail anything!

"Why drug testing for businesses? Substance abuse – which includes drugs and alcohol – takes a heavy toll on businesses, costing billions of dollars in lost productivity and increased healthcare spending each year."

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All diagnostics is performed in laboratories with federal credentials using standardized national methods.