Things To Keep In Mind While Performing Drug Testing at Work Place

Drugs have always remained one of the controversial topics. However, it is a topic of concern for every family, it is also crucial for the organizations or recruitment firms to stay up to date and employ the staff following all the government rules and regulations. Drug testing at the workplace is more important to conduct as employees use abusive language that sometimes leaves a negative impact on the productivity, health, and safety of other employees. 

Let us give you some ideas about what is drug testing, what are the various test procedures to execute employee drug test, and how it is beneficial. 

What Is Drug Testing?

Drug testing is a process that helps to identify the drugs in anyone’s body. Most of the organizations carry out the drug testing of their employees and regular screenings to maintain the performance and safety of their workplace. 

Moreover, drug testing is also performed in many legal cases. For instance, if there occurs any accident then drug testing is executed to recognize who was the culprit and liable for that happening.  


When To Execute Drug Testing?

As we discussed above, there are a variety of reasons for why drug testing can be required to maintain a safe workplace, determine the reason for an accident, and much more. Let us talk about some possible situations where drug testing can be required.

  1. Pre-employment: Before employing the individual, employers can carry out their medical test including drug test.
  1. Suspicious Cause: If an employer finds drugs the cause for employees changed behavior, appearance, etc. then the employer can conduct drug screening.
  1. Random Drug Testing: Random testing means the company can select the employees randomly and perform the screening test. This helps to ensure that the workplace remains safe and employees free from drugs and alcohol. 
  1. Post-Accident Drug Test Execution: If there occurs an accident due to drug or alcohol abuse then the employer can perform the drug screening. But it is essential to assure that the accident really occurred because of drug involvement. 

How Drug Tests Can Be Executed?

Urine test is the most common way used for employee drug testing but there are many other methods to those can be used for drug or alcohol screening. Let us talk about these sample types in detail.

  1. Urine Test

Urine samples are very easy to collect and do not even irritate the employees making them uncomfortable. Another great thing about urine test method is it is the cheapest and most effective way to detect the drug’s use.

  1. Blood Test

However, a blood test is more invasive than the urine but is more accurate also. And this is the reason, blood tests are used more in medical settings, legal cases, and more. 

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